A Day In APEX Ecosystem

Exploring Apex SMART: A Day In The Life

At APEX, we don’t just keep up with the latest trends; we set them. We don’t rely on copying other brands or replicate ideas; rather, we listen to our clients and have the confidence to establish new standards. We bravely establish our strategic goals and bring to life a vision of a smart and inviting APEX home that is built on complementary systems.

We founded this company with a mission to make homes safer, smarter, and more energy-efficient. Our team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that are accessible, affordable, and easy to use. We believe that technology should enhance our lives, not complicate them, and we strive to create products that deliver on that promise. Our goal is to empower homeowners to take control of their homes and live more comfortably and sustainably.

Advait Thakur, CEO – Apex Infosys India



Gates & Blinds

APEX Smart

You wake up with the sun rise. Home is letting gentle light into your bedroom. Opening curtains is a simple activity, but let’s be honest, nobody likes to get up from the bed to have them opened or opened. Managing gates and roller blinds with no effort! 



Safety & Convenience

  APEX Smart

Before leaving you secure the house with one click. It is worth it to equip your house, so it can signal the intrusion and effectively deter the burglars itself before the security patrol arrives.


Away from home


  APEX Smart

You have your home under control thanks to smart sensors. Small children need lots of sleep in perfect conditions. You can be sure that your kid sleeps tight even if moving gently, checking it via the camera view in your mobile app.


coming back home


APEX Smart

Coming back from work you think about homey atmosphere and you can’t wait to enter your home and find refuge from the sun – in the summer, rain – in the spring and autumn and cold – in the winter. APEX Smart home is preparing for your return adjusting the temperature, humidity and air quality to your family’s preferences. Welcome home!


Entertainment TIME

Home Appliances

  APEX Smart

Create the perfect mood for the evening movie with just one simple voice command. Turn on the “Home Cinema” scene by telling a command to turn on the TV and speakers, cover the blinds and activate the appropriate lighting simultaneously. Wait a short while and everything is ready! Have you prepared your popcorn yet?


Evening ritual


  APEX Smart

Daily routine is extremely important for children. A smart home will help make your child sleepy in no time. The light in the children’s room, living room or bathroom will dim and finally, the playlist with lullabies will start playing. Everything in a scheduled time.




  APEX Smart

Prepare the entire house for the night with one press of a button without leaving the bed. Have I closed the entrance door? Have I switched the kitchen lights off? Certainly, you know this disturbing thoughts appearing just before you fall asleep. Prepare your house for the night – arming the alarm, switch off the lights in the entire house, without leaving your bed. Now sleep tight!

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